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Choose from our range of Aquarium Air Stones, Aquarium Test Kits, etc.
One of the best destinations to buy aquarium supplies online is Aqua Doctor Solutions. We are well versed with the nuances of fishkeeping and provide the best of Aquarium Air Pumps, Aquarium Air Stones, Aquarium Supplements, Aquarium Test Kits, Wheel Aerators, etc. Both new and experienced fish keepers with varying budget love our products and approach our team to purchase supplies in bulk. 

Our knowledge tank has many experts. We have a specialized team to test, and quality control our products, and also a separate group of support executives to assist clients with their queries and problems. We have become a market leader and a trusted trader, retailer, wholesaler and supplier because we offer supplies featuring the latest in technology to ensure easy and safe fishkeeping.

We are passionate about fishes and aquariums, and as such go miles to thrill clients too with our competitive prices, hassle free delivery and good after sale support. Whatever the product requirement, our team works to ensure that clients find exactly what they are looking for without investing much of their money and effort. We give them the convenience of purchasing products with absolute ease and confidence, and also render them the kind of service that we expect for ourselves.
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Why Choose Us?

Aqua Doctor Solutions is one of the leading online retailers and wholesalers of genuine aquarium supplies. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, we stock the largest range of products, including but not limited to Aquarium Air Pumps, Aquarium Air Stones, Aquarium Supplements, Aquarium Test Kits, Wheel Aerators, etc. These products are of renowned brands like Pond Care and Yeast, both of which have good experience in providing the best designs in the aforesaid products. Therefore, in response to market needs, we can readily supply quality aquarium supplies at fair prices. Today, we can guarantee customer satisfaction through these points:

  • Great quality products
  • Good prices
  • Hassle free nationwide delivery
  • Prompt after sale support

Future Aim

Our aim for the future is to keep our product quality high and our product pricing as low as possible by associating with market leading brands of aquarium supplies with track records of quality and expert services.
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